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how we work

How we work?

Research and development

Have a product and want to breath a new life into it? Our team knows how to develop new strategies for your product improvement. Applied research is all about the investigation of a certain aspect of your product, and bringing them to action.

Machining and Additive manufacturing

Our team offer you a full scope comprehensive prototyping and new product development solution. We have a full suite of advanced equipment to provide multi-axis milling and 3d printing.

Quality Control

Our team provides the means for creating a lasting quality assurance program, ensuring that everything, from raw materials to inspection procedures are of the highest quality. Issues and defects from poor quality materials or third-party components are all but eliminated.

One-stop Shop Solutions

SES offers one-stop solutions to a diverse set of industries. The business strategy behind the one-stop-shop is to provide convenience and efficiency to clients, gaining loyalty as well as revenue.

Why us?


Quotes within hours, parts within days.


Our team ready to discuss design challenges and offer professional support.

Materials quality

150 types of certified metal and plastic materials are available for Your selection . SES always offers a sufficient variety of certified materials.

Short Delivery Times

Receive your orders on time, avoid bottlenecks and improve your operational efficiency.

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